Living Room

Practical Living Room Remodeling Ideas and Tips

A house wouldn’t be a home without a living room. Living rooms are the central activity area for most homes as families gather in them to have a discussion, entertain their guests, read, watch T.V. and do other leisure activities. Below are some ideas and considerations to make your living room more enticing to be in.

Expanding your Space

If you’re feeling a bit claustrophobic because of the lack of space in your living room, then the best solution would be to add more space to it. If you’re lot still has space, consider doing a home addition project. Or you can open up your living room to an adjacent unused or underutilized room.

Adding more space is not a viable solution for most households so an equally effective plan that may cost less is to use space-saving furniture and fixtures. Is your sofa taking too much space? Consider getting an L-shaped sofa which can easily be placed on corners. Install wall lighting fixtures instead of using lamps to save more space. And if you have budget to spare, replace your old bulky T.V. set with a slim unit and hang it on your wall.

Painting your Living Room Walls

You can also create the illusion of space with the paint you use on your walls. Generally, cooler paints feel more spacious than warm ones.

Different colors are also said to invoke different emotions and moods:

- Use primary colors (red, yellow, blue) to portray a sense of playfulness, specially if you have children.
- Neutral and earth colors like grey, browns, beige, whites and blacks can be used to convey a feeling of sophistication and formality.
- Blues and soft greens are linked with relaxation.
- If you want to have energy, then bring the colors of the outdoors inside by painting your room bright yellows and/or greens.

Wall paints vs. Wallpapers

If you’re remodeling your home then it might be a good time to tear down those wallpapers from your living room. Realtors have reported that wallpapers can slightly lower the value of your home on resale since they’re hard to remove and most buyers prefer to strip them down.

However, don’t let this stop you from using wallpapers. There are some instances when wallpapers can actually make more sense than paint. If you’re not planning to sell your home anytime soon then go ahead and use wallpapers.

Adding Details and a Sense of Completeness

Depending on your home’s architectural design, consider adding details in your living room by using mouldings. Crown mouldings, baseboards, wainscots etc.. can add some features into an otherwise plain room. Check out some before and after shots of rooms that use mouldings to see the difference for yourself.

Making the Room more Energy Efficient

Increase your home’s value and save on electricity cost by making your living room more energy efficient. Try to invest in modern door and windows that would help in lowering your HVAC operating costs. Also, you might want to let more light into the room to use less lighting during the day.