Ideas for Remodeling your Kitchen


A kitchen’s value is often overlooked but it plays a very important part in any household since it’s a place wherein the food that nourishes the family is prepared and cooked. It can also be a venue for some memorable conversations, and informal meals. Kitchen remodeling projects are often done to make the kitchen easier to use and improve its aesthetics at the same time. Here are some ideas to consider when remodeling your kitchen.

Position of your Kitchen in the House

There’s a reason why kitchens are accessible to the garage; this is done to ensure that you’re taking the shortest possible route in carrying your groceries from your car into your home. This is pretty standard with most homes but you might want to find some ways to make your kitchen more accessible if you don’t have the same home layout.

Most kitchens are very active during the day, when everyone is preparing to go out of the house for work. It is therefore desirable to orient the kitchen in such a way that it receives a good deal of sunlight; not so much and direct though but enough to light up the room enabling you to prepare food without turning on the lights.

Kitchen Layout

Kitchens receive a great deal of traffic and so any kitchen remodeling project must be well thought out and planned beforehand. The most frequented spots when cooking would be the fridge, sink, and the stove. A cook must have easy access to and from any of these spots. Counter-top space should also be provided besides these three points. Also, position the fridge so that other family members will have easy access to it without disturbing the cook.

You can also increase storage by mounting shelves or cabinets on walls or incorporating them in your counter-tops. Alternatively, you can opt to use a separate pantry instead to store most of your food and supplies.

Affordable Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

If budget is an issue, then there are many ways to update the look of your kitchen without breaking the bank. The most noticeable parts of your kitchen are your counter-top and cabinets. Just replacing your old counter-top with a new one can already make a big impact. Fortunately, there are now laminate counter-tops that are an inexpensive alternative to traditional full-slab countertops.

If you don’t have enough budget to replace your cabinets, then you can opt to replace your cabinet doors only and give them a fresh coat of paint. You can also try updating your cabinets’ handles to modern ones especially if your cabinet doors are still in good condition.

Another inexpensive way to add drama to your kitchen is to upgrade its lighting. Lastly, invest in a disc-type faucet because they come in stunning design, are easy to turn on and off, and are virtually maintenance free.

If you plan to hire some help for this big job, make sure to check with local kitchen contractors early-on in your planning, to ensure you don’t design a plan that is beyond your budget.