Some Ideas for Bathroom Remodeling: Improving Form and Function

It’s the smallest room in most houses but it gets lots of attention. Most homeowners have an emotional connection to the bathroom since it’s a place to clean up, relax and re-energize before and after a busy workday. Here are some remodeling ideas to increase your bathroom’s form and function.

Walls and Flooring

Any additions and improvements to your bathroom would not work if its walls and floors are noticeably old and neglected. Un-tiled walls can be easily updated with a fresh coat of paint. Be prepared to invest in new tiles for your bathroom if the old ones are beyond repair.


Pay attention to the lighting of your bathroom as it can either produce a dull or positive atmosphere. Consider installing flood lights and other lighting fixtures around the bathroom. The area in front of the mirror should be well-lit for grooming purposes. Lastly, install a dimmer switch as well so that you’ll be able to match your bathroom’s lighting with your mood.

Vanity and Sink

The vanity and sink is another prominent element in your bathroom. You might want to get a new vanity to match the new style of your bathroom. Updating the sink and faucets can already do wonders if you’re on a budget. If you’re looking to free up space then go for a pedestal sink. And don’t forget that getting a large mirror is a cheap way to enhance a bathroom’s appearance.

Toilets, Showers and Bathtubs

Most homeowners choose to spend less on toilets and more on other bathroom fixtures because they are more functional than decorative. If you’re going to upgrade your toilet, choose a unit that you can sit comfortably on and that uses less water.

Contemporary shower heads can enhance your bath experience. Rain shower heads provide more coverage and efficiency than traditional showers. If you want a more luxurious feel, then go for a waterfall shower head.

Some bathtubs can provide spa-like features but these generally cost more than standard bathtubs. Besides the bathtub itself, another way to add a sense of luxury in your bathroom is by enclosing the tub in tiles. If you’re working on a limited space, consider combining your bath tub and shower area into one.

As a final tip, a bathroom remodel is a good time to inspect or replace your plumbing. Your bathroom will only cause you headaches if its underlying mechanism doesn’t work properly.