Increasing your Home’s Space by Remodeling your Basement

Every homeowner can increase the value and their actual enjoyment of their home by remodeling their basement. It’s a project that would turn an otherwise barren and unused space into something that’s both functional and livable. In this article, we’ll discuss some issues and ideas in basement remodeling.

We tend to think of a dark and cold room when we hear the word basement. This is true to some degree, so your first objective in remodeling your basement is to reverse this perception by having proper lighting and ventilation.

Take advantage of natural light as much as possible by installing larger windows. If that’s not an option then you would need to use various lighting fixtures and install them in key points around your basement. In addition, air doesn’t circulate well around most basements. This means that you need to have a ventilation system to help remove stale air, which can cause allergic reactions and promote mold and mildew formation, from your basement.

You can pretty much do anything with your basement and your only limitation would be your budget and space. A lot of homeowners turn their basements into a home theater. This route would require a substantial investment in audio and video equipments to make the whole remodeling project worthwhile.

Another popular choice for homeowners is to transform their basements into game rooms. Game rooms would typically have a billiards table, poker table, and an adjacent bar or mini-kitchen for preparing drinks and snacks. This setup is great for homeowners who love inviting friends over for parties. If you have some room to spare, then consider having a bathroom in the basement for convenience.

The basement can also be transformed into a play area for families with kids. It can also be turned into a bedroom for visitors and in-laws. The basement can also be turned into a home office or even a home gym.

Let’s not forget that basements were originally designed to be a storage and utility area. With proper use of space and divisions, you can have a basement with both utility and living areas. Now it’s up to you to choose whether you want a game room, a gym or a mini-theater to go along with a wine cellar and laundry area in your basement.